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The town of Alghero

Alghero is a small town in the province of Sassari (35 km away) in the North of Sardinia.
The town is on the coast of the Gulf of Alghero, with some 41,000 inhabitants.
Founded by the Genoese in the XI century Alghero was a possession the Doria dynasty for along period which was only interrupted by a short period of Pisan occupation (1283-1284). In 1353 after a long siege it was conquered by Peter IV of Arborea and its original inhabitants were expelled and replaced by a Catalan colony (today Alghero's inhabitants still speak a Catalan dialect).
Alghero - Photo: Edizioni Condaghes
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The town continued to be of strategic importance under both aragonese and spanish domination which lasted until 1720. It was powerfully fortified in the XVI century, Indeed it represented the "bridgehead" for aragonese dominion before, and for spanish domination on the western Mediterranean later. Today the lovely catalan town is a favourite destination, both in spring and summer for italian and foreign tourists, who come to admire the wonderful coasts and the old town centre, which has preserved its characteristic architecture and the form of the old town.

The old town centre is a rare jewel of Sardinia. "Catalan Alghero" was built in 1354.
The fact that Alghero is still Catalan today is evident not only from language and tradition, but also from monuments which, particularly in the old town, often have a Catalan flavour, such as the two elegant bell towers and the most significant parts of the Cathedral and the church of S.Francesco, as well as the many building in Catalan-gothic style that go back to XV and XVI centuries.
 Il Palazzo De Ferreira, in Piazza Civica - Foto: B.Capecci
Alghero is the most typical tourist centre of the "Riviera del Corallo" whose coasts are rich in small lonely bays which hide soft sandy beaches fringed by thick pine-woods and jagged cliffs washed by an emerald green sea. Porto Conte bay - Photo : G.Deriu

Particularly attractive are the renowned Neptune Caves whose interior is varied and amazing. The "chambers" offer several views with particular lighting effects and are famous for there limestone stalactites and stalagmites. It is possible to visit them by starting from the point of Capo Caccia descending in a flight of 645 steps (the famous ("Escala del Cabirol") weaved into the cliffs: a really fascinating way to reach the sea level entrance. Alternatively you can reach the Caves by boat in a lovely excursion along the high and charming cliffs of Capo Caccia and a short tour of the nearby small islands.

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