• Camping Village in the Coral Capital

  • Camping Village in the Coral Capital

  • Camping Village in the Coral Capital

La Mariposa Camping

Camping Village on the sea at Alghero

La Mariposa is a camping village in Alghero directly facing the clear sea of the Riviera del Corallo in north-west Sardinia.Begun in 1956 as one of the first camping villages in Sardinia, the La Mariposa Camping sits in a strategic position : in fact it is just one and a half kilometres form the historic centre and the tourist port of Alghero, beautiful Catalan town, and around 6 km from Fertilia airport.
La Mariposa campsite is living your holiday freestyle, playful and in close contact with nature, at just 5 metres from the renowned Alghero beach . In the waters facing the campsite you can participate in activities like Kite-Surfing with professional instructors, Diving in the Marine Reserve of Porto Conte and in the charming underwater caves of the Riviera del Corallo; sail in a sail boat in genuine corners of paradise like the harbour of Alghero, the cliffs of Punta Giglio and Capa Caccia; have a go at Surfing, Wind Surfing or paragliding, taking two-seater flights to admire the Bay of Alghero and the Argentiera from on high.

Also, on the premises it is possible to rent a car and Mountain Bikes for guided excursions in the magnificent trails of Porto Conte.
The La Mariposa Camping village also offers efficient bar, restaurant and pizzeria services.

Care, cleanliness and courtesy of home since 1956.


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